Award-Winning Passive Real Estate Investing

Mark Baltazar started in real estate investing around 5 years ago after spending a couple of years researching and procrastinating and is the founder of Peak Property Investments, a company designed to help real estate investors building wealth through passive real estate investing in multi-family commercial assets and single-family properties through partnerships and coaching. Listen (more…)

Tax and Accounting Changes & Insights for Real Estate Investors

George Dube is a partner at BDO and a veteran tax accountant and investor whose practice focuses on providing the knowledge and tools clients need to increase and preserve the value of their businesses. Around 20 years ago he started to get more involved in working with real estate investors after getting involved in investing (more…)

Creative Strategies to Structure Different Real Estate Investments

There is not a real estate investment strategy that Mathew Frederick hasn’t executed over the last 25+ years including residential, commercial, new development, raising capital, land development, storage units. USA and off-shore. With a constant mindset of learning, Mat knew he was not going to stick to one strategy, he started in residential income property then (more…)

Understanding How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate Investing

Adney Fernandes of A2 Real Estate Investments is a self made multi-millionaire running his own real estate investment firm, who went from investing in condos in Toronto at age of 24 to a portfolio now of 74 properties, buying multi-unit apartment buildings, mixed-use retail plazas, office buildings and more recently buying medical plazas in key (more…)

Systems, Strategies and Social Media to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Getting started investing in student rentals helped Matt McKeever to focus on cash flow at the age of 25 while still full-time employed in public practice as a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant). He feared his goal of financial independence and to retire early might not be possible when he hit the 3-5 properties hurdle that (more…)

Having Short Term Pessimism for Long Term Optimism

Following a major life shift Cory Froc, who has been in a corporate life throughout his career wanted to have more control over his future. He looked at a number of opportunities including franchising but liked the freedom and flexibility that real estate investing offered him.  In his late 30’s Cory started buying distressed properties (more…)

Having Real Estate Investing Fund Your Passions and Lifestyle

Dana Snow is the founder and head of Punk Rock Realty Inc. named after her passion for punk rock music. As a child, she was fortunate to observe and assist her parents in the design, construction and sale of a number of their homes. Inspired by the unlimited potential of real estate, she purchased her (more…)

Success as a Newbie Real Estate Investor and Lessons Learned

Roger Sherwood is a young, newer Real Estate Investor having started a little over a year ago and already has two buy and holds and recently bought his first flip. Although he has many of the challenges that younger people face, like student debt he still was open to looking at real estate investing and (more…)

Successfully Leaving Secure Employment by Investing in Yourself

Life was good by most people’s standards but something was missing for Maria. She loved her family and had a great government job but was restless and feeling unfulfilled. Spending 15 years in this unfulfilled life she made the decision to leave her husband and start a new life with her two girls………Listen to the (more…)

Building Trust Through Genuine Long Term Relationships in Real Estate Investing

George El Masri has been a Realtor since 2013 and is also a Real Estate Investor with 2 properties currently working on his third but has always had a dream of having a big portfolio.  He likes to focus on working with young people looking to break into real estate investing and uses his realtor business (more…)